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Financial Fraud
Prevention is Broken.

Checkmate is the key to fixing it.

New and sophisticated forms of financial fraud have left banks and their customers exposed.
CheckMate’s behavioural analytics platform is the solution both have been waiting for.
We know your customers better than they know themselves.

The Perfect Fraud Storm

The battlefield of financial crime is fast changing, and fraudsters are getting the upper hand. Driven by the continued adoption of Real-Time Payments, along with accessible Generative AI technology tools, fraud has become a global pandemic. Financial institutions are required to make transactional decisions in split-seconds, and their traditional defences (identity-oriented) are rendered helpless when faced with disruptive technologies. With regulatory scrutiny on the horizon, they need to step up.

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US Organizations

Reported Actual/Attempted Fraud in 2023

$ 0 T
Global Fraud Losses

In 2022 (GASA)

$ B
By 2028

US & UK projected scam losses


Are Scammed Every Day

That’s where Checkmate comes into play

Real Time Fraud Prevention Using Behavioral Analytics

Machine Learning & Graph Data Science

While identity can be forged or stolen, unique behaviour patterns can’t - Our ML models are sensitive and accurate, enabling us to recognize and flag any activity which is “out of character” for a specific customer and their typical behaviour. Our models are also designed ad-hoc for each fraud typology.

Patent Pending Technology

At the core of our solution are advanced graph data science algorithms and machine learning models (supervised & unsupervised). But our entire approach is unique, allowing us to consistently increase catch rates and reduce false positives.

Real Time Monitoring

Faster Payments mean Faster Fraud. Checkmate provides risk scores within 100 milliseconds before any money is moved.

Simple Integration

Cloud agnostic & native. Can also be deployed on-premises.

Security and Privacy

Data security and privacy are a bank’s top priority. With no customer data leaving the bank, CheckMate meets the highest standards of security and privacy.

Our Leadership

Meet Checkmate's Founders

Advisory & Board

Ex Head of Open Banking Implementation Entity UK; Ex Global Fintech partner at EY

Ex Global Payments Technology Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Barclays; UK Payments Industry Expert 

Founder, CEO and Chairman of multiple Fintech Unicorns: Fundtech (acquired by Finastra), ezbob, Earnix

Managing Partner and CTO of The Garage; Former Head of Cyber Security & Head of Data Science Department of Unit 8200, IDF (equivalent to NSA) 

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